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Smart Storage: Keep Holiday Decorations Organized and Safe

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The holiday season brings joy, warmth, and a delightful array of decorations that transform our homes. However, once the festivities wind down, we’re often left with the daunting task of storing these treasures. Proper storage is not just about keeping things out of sight; it’s about preserving the joy and beauty of your decorations for years to come. We explore effective and creative storage solutions that will keep your holiday decorations organized, safe, and ready for the next season.

Assessing Your Storage Needs

Before diving into storage bins and labels, take stock of what you have. Lay out all your decorations and categorize them. Do you have fragile glass ornaments, bulky artificial trees, strings of lights, or delicate figurines? Each category will have its own storage needs. This step helps you understand the amount and type of storage space and materials you’ll need, preventing over-purchase or under-preparation.

Choosing the Right Storage Containers

The market is flooded with storage options, but not all are created equal when it comes to holiday decorations. Clear, plastic bins are a favorite for a reason. They’re sturdy, moisture-resistant, and you can easily see what’s inside. For delicate items like ornaments, consider specialized containers with individual compartments. Wreath storage bags protect your wreaths from dust and deformation. Remember, the right container not only stores but also protects.

Labeling and Inventory

Once everything is neatly packed away, ensure each container is labeled. This might seem like an extra step now, but it will save you time and hassle next season. Consider keeping a simple inventory list. This list can be as straightforward as a note inside the bin or a digital document that details what’s in each container.

Utilizing Space Wisely

Holiday decorations can take up significant space. Utilize areas like attic corners, under beds, or high shelves in garages. Vertical storage solutions like shelving units can

be incredibly efficient, especially for smaller homes. Over-the-door storage racks are great for wreath and garland storage, while ceiling-mounted shelves can be a haven for larger, lightweight items. Remember to store heavier bins at the bottom and lighter ones on top to prevent accidents and damage.

Protecting Fragile Items

Fragile items require extra care. Wrap each piece in bubble wrap or tissue paper. For oddly shaped decorations, custom DIY padding with fabric or foam can provide a snug fit. Egg cartons are excellent for smaller ornaments, and apple or wine boxes with dividers can be repurposed for larger ones. Always store fragile items in a place where they won’t be jostled or crushed.

Managing Lights and Garland

Tangled lights are a common frustration. To avoid this, wrap your lights around a piece of cardboard, a coat hanger, or a specialized reel. For garlands, use a length of hose or a belt hanger. Label each set of lights or garland with its length and where it was used for easy setup next year.

Dealing with Artificial Trees

If you use an artificial tree, its original box might seem like the best storage option, but these boxes can deteriorate over time. Invest in a tree storage bag or a large, durable container. Before storing, dismantle the tree as guided by its manual, and ensure it’s clean and dry.


Storing holiday decorations might seem like a mundane task, but with the right approach, it can be done efficiently and effectively. The goal is to ensure that each cherished piece remains intact, easily accessible, and ready to bring the same joy and festivity when the season rolls around again. Happy organizing, and here’s to many more beautiful holidays!


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